Jacquelyn Culpepper

“...Jacquelyn Culpepper as the Countess, a regal presence with impeccable diction.” -Opera News

“Total and utter catharsis. Nothing less. She gave that to us with but two little syllables...The real star of this show is: Jacquelyn Culpepper. With her operatic soprano in full gear, she sings the lights out...” -Charlotte Observer
“...Jacquelyn Culpepper, as Musetta, welded a flesh-and-blood characterization to impressive vocal techniques.” -Isthmus-Madison, WI
“...the saving grace of the opera. His spirited lover, Culpepper, (Musetta), literally stole the show.” -The Badger Herald-Madison, WI
“Two words sum up the best reason to see The Sound of Music: Jacquelyn Culpepper.
Two more words explain why: She’s enchanting. ...Culpepper carries the show...injects radiance and charm into every scene she inhabits. In what may be her greatest feat, Culpepper holds her own not only with the spirits of legendary Maria Mary Martin and Julie Andrews but also with seven potentially scene-stealing kids...”
-The Leader